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Dean Setner -owner

For more than twenty years, Well Rounded Trim has offered custom built-ins and interior trim work to complement beautiful homes of all sizes and styles. Working to your unique requirements, we design, build, and install entertainment centers, media centers, home office spaces, shelving solutions, and more. Whether you want a more attractive way to integrate your computer or television into your décor -- or to display your books, CDs, and DVDs -- our custom-designed cabinetry makes homes like yours more livable, and more lovable.

In addition, we offer custom trim options for contractors and homeowners. From doors, windows, and stairways to baseboards, crown molding, chair rails and archways, our craftsmen add the finishing touch of luxury to your fine home.
Dales Dreamhouse
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3 years ago I told my wife that I wanted to build her a dreamhouse. I felt that I finally had enough experience in my life and the time was right. After talking it over...I quit my job to build that dreamhouse while she cared for our financial obligations and COMPLETELY put her trust in me to finish it in 7 months. She was a PA at the Heart Institute here in Greenville,NC and loved by all who knew her. I was the contractor and did most of the work on our house. I literally cut every board  and did all of the trimwork myself as well as lay all the hardwood floors. Dale chose all the colors and the decor. The house was completed on time and I could tell by the look on her face that the sacrifices we made were well worth it. Unfortunately, Dale got sick and died unexpectedly shortly afterwards. She slept in her dreamhouse only 2 nights....
Many of the pictures under "Portfolio"  and the video in "Contact us "are of Dale's dreamhouse.....
This site is dedicated to my wife Dale....
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